• tammylillian

Creator of all things

My heart sank and drowned as the sea of opportunities faded My ears hurt and bled from the loud bangs caused by the doors as they mercilessly slammed right in front of my face A dark cloud hovered over my sunken heart, desperately trying to quench any signs of hope that lay dormant within me Suddenly, I was invisible to my friends, who like the northerly winds blew in the opposite direction O city of Zurich, deserted and abandoned (because of COVID19), hold my hand for I feel your pain See my desperate cry to the Creator of all things for he heard my soundless voice, he felt and revived my heavy heart, he wrapped his loving arms around it and comforted me

O God, you fill my days with joy and overflow my life with Health - Love - Happiness - Wealth and charity O city, listen to his voice and be filled with life again. Tamara Monkhouse xoxo

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